This Government is Manipulative

First of all, democracy is a farce.

Also, Tell your fathers, uncles, grandfathers to STOP IT.

Now onto other things.

There are many ways politicians play with the minds and the livelihoods of their populace. Kenyan politicians are adept at this that at times I would like to know where they learn it from.

Let me think through this pandemic SPECIFICALLY.

When the government says that the youth aren’t taking this pandemic seriously, we know they are scapegoating, something this government is proficient at – after all we all KNOW it is a government of PR.

  • Where are the free/cheaper masks that have been promised since the beginning?
  • We have not tested enough people. And one must ask whether mass testing workable in a country where a lock down has not been instituted.
  • Other countries (our neighbours included) are providing food for their citizens. What of this one? And then you realise the government has systematically killed every sector of the economy and therefore this is why its impossible. Kenya is food insecure such that even during years when there is no pandemic, people die.
  • Eateries have been opened for reasons that don’t make sense. Unless the point is to make money from the fees they are charging.
  • Money has been donated but we all know that it will end up in someone’s pockets and we will complain quietly and do nothing about it.
  • And then the government will tell you the donated monies have been taxed. And that you don’t know what you are talking about. And expect you to believe that and move on.
  • The government will say that testing is free but quarantine… you are on your own.

They will say this

While this is happening


I am still thinking through this. I’ll be back. 😁


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