My Babies and I

I’ve always had plants, but for the longest time, it was like five plants. And then somehow, I got to just over 20 plants and my babies are what? flourishing! Except 2 that I recently had to uproot 😥😢. And one I accidentally cut.

I’m a plant mum and my plants are my babies. So much so that I got a succulent tattooed on my leg. Because 12 of my plants are succulents.

You know the best thing about plants? Outside of everything they do for the environment and how pretty they are? When I’m going through it, they are able to take care of themselves as I work on me.

The latest plant I have isn’t even a plant. I got leek to make oxtail soup and then I planted the root and I’m currently watching it grow so that’s fun.

I have also been known to use Google Lens to find out the names of some flowers I have and the best way to care for them. I really do love being a plant mum.


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