Things I have Noticed from Watching True Crime

You would think that I would be watching anime. But no. I have been watching cult documentaries, music documentaries and true crime.

Trigger Warning – Mentions of Rape, Murder

RE: True Crime – there are many many similarities in stories.

  • People would rather kill their spouses than pay child support
  • People kill to get money from Life Insurance. Is Life Insurance compulsory in the US?
  • You would think white people are killed more than black people which…………
  • When a man has an affair, it is actually passed off as nothing but when it is the woman who has the affair, it is like she is the devil incarnate
  • The police have bias that they speak off so nonchalantly as though those biases don’t affect their work. Like an episode on arson, one of the arson inspectors declared that the arsonist must also be an inspector but he was brushed off because they couldn’t believe one of their own could carry out such a crime. Another cop dismissed an idea that a dude killed his wife because he had known him his whole life. Only for the wife to be found dead in the basement.
  • People still think that rape is about sex. And not about power.
  • People really kill for the flimsiest of reasons.
  • Do not read the comments if you are watching on YouTube.

For those who read my newsletter and are watching cult documentaries, I found this channel on YouTube which I hadn’t linked. Get into it.


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