Things. Lots of Things

I give things away if I don’t need them and when I have many of the same thing. I don’t even like having many of the same thing in part because there is never need for them.

Part of having many things is the culture of consumerism which I try my hardest not to practice. The idea that having more things (whether you need them or not) means your life makes sense, or gives you a sense of fulfillment or any of those things people say makes no sense to me. I don’t understand why I should be envious because someone has bought something I likely will never use, don’t like or don’t vibe with. But somehow we are expected to firstly, be awed by demonstrations of accumulation of things and secondly be envious that we don’t have said things and then work ourselves to the bone for things we don’t even like.

But anyway, that’s my thoughts on that. And let me confess, I can’t have too many books or vinyls. Feel free to gift me these.

Glasses? Mugs? Household stuff? I give those away. Clothes, shoes, handbags? Those too. When someone needs a phone and I have a spare one? Same thing.

I’m currently too lazy to do it but I want to give away some clothes and shoes because every so often I realise that even if I don’t shop often, I still have accumulated too many things. And it is not even a guilt thing, or a Marie Kondo thing… I just feel like every so often, I must look and see what I can give away or what I can recycle/upcycle.


One thought on “Things. Lots of Things

  1. I relate to this. I used to buy a lot clothes like every week I had new clothes. I had to stop myself from buy new clothes. It has been one year since I bought new clothes.


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