Music is my Love Language

I know most of us say that music is life and whatnot, but you know what makes music  even better? Sharing it.

For example, when I feel overwhelmed, I listen to Yiruma, an artist I probably wouldn’t have come across had someone not shared him with me. I clearly remember when a friend sent me Kwame’s  Reke Ngwende because “it seems like something you will enjoy.”

I use all manner of social media to share what I am listening to, from Instagram stories, to playlists on YouTube, to blogging. More than that, I get excited when I send music to my people – those we talk music with. I derive inexplicable joy when someone tells me that they vibed with a song I shared.

If I end up feeling a song,  I usually choose who to send it to. Not necessarily because they would enjoy it but more so because it is how I share a bit of myself. It indicates to some level that I want someone, the person I’ve chosen to listen to the song, to understand me better.

I believe that there is a level of intimacy to be found when you share music with someone because you know that they will “get” the song or artist. And I am the last person to assign importance to seemingly arbitrary things. But, if I share a song with a specific someone because I feel that it is a song/artist that they would enjoy? And then they confirm that indeed they vibe with it? Honestly, I feel a good type of way about it.

Keep sharing friends.


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