Kenya and Interpretations of Christianity

Firstly, watch this

I was watching this, after having watched Kimberly Forster chatting with Austin Channing Brown and them talking about how the Black (American) church (while still problematic) interpreted Christianity differently from white evangelical churches. And I realise how Christianity as interpreted in Kenya is completely modeled from WHITE MISSIONARIES and Colonialism.

It is that brand of Christianity that justifies colonialism and erasure and oppression and slavery and hatred and in a nut shell, justifies capitalism. It is why the church remains silent as corruption continues to kill us and are the first to shout when it comes to sex education.

There is the Christianity modeled after the prosperity preachers (The Kiunas etc) but majority, a large percentage of Christianity, as practised in Kenya is based off of White Evangelicals.

As a country, we have not dealt with the consequences of colonialism. All is not well in the 254 and our adopting christianity as was brought by missionaries is another example of this.

(I’d like to believe that perhaps there is someone who contextualised Christianity with the Kenyan context and it would probably still have it’s issues. Akorino? Legio Maria? Someone let me know.)

Also, this video continues to make me think through the community.

Also, in the video, Candace Simpson says that America doesn’t prepare people to be critical thinkers and YO! Kenya – same same.


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