Women’s Beauty – Men’s Ownership

The other day I was in the wasteland known as twitter and came across this:

And despite my intuition, I went to the comments and I realised that men believe that beauty is something they give women. And that they can take away at any moment and somehow believe that by doing so, women aren’t beautiful anymore. 😒

It reminded me of this essay which I share OFTEN.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that beauty is weaponised by men since it’s something that’s been happening for eons. It’s a control thing, dominance.

If a woman is seen to be too loud and too independent, the go to insult is “you are ugly” or something along those lines.

If a man “thinks” a woman shouldn’t say she is beautiful they think it’s their job to “humble” her by using arbitrary beauty ideals based on western WHITE ideals and stupidity to tell her she isn’t as beautiful as she believes herself to be. Like.

Why do men appoint themselves judge and jury in women’s business?

Anyway watch this video which is my religion.


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