Things I’ve Noticed From Watching True Crime Pt 2

For part 1, click here

  • When they say that a town is idyllic, conservative or a good town to live in, they mean “for white people”
  • They will find any way to make white people seem redeemable. Never the black people.
  • It must be said that the description of the victims are usually similar. Women usually “light up the room” and “would give the shirt off their back” and all that stuff. Are we truly that uniform, you begin to wonder.
  • Young girls who get into relationships with older men do so because of a myriad of reasons one of which is that “being chosen” by an older man has been made to seem like some kind of medal and they should feel flattered by the attention.
  • People conflate love with a lot of things which aren’t love. Small irrelevant acts are seen as displays/expressions of love instead of what they really are. Truly, humans will do a lot, will endure a lot of nonsense, all in the name of love.
  • The American “justice” system makes no sense. Even watching these cases you can see how black offenders and white offenders are treated differently. This dude killed the husband of the woman he was having an affair with and got ten years in prison. Black people with non violent drug charges get even twenty years. Like. As in.
  • Many crimes wouldn’t happen if the system cared about people, their lives and welfare in the first place.
  • If you take a shot for every time someone called the criminal “Creepy” you would die of alcohol poisoning.
  • People think some things shouldn’t happen to them because they are rich, beautiful or live in a good part of town. Like…how does that make sense?? “We see this on TV we didn’t think it would happen to us” – we must stop thinking this way. Anything can happen to anyone.
  • Cops are delusional, just like military personnel are, about their function in society.


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