I Really Wonder

1. Which mainstream Kenyan musician will release a protest song? I thought about this as I was listening to Burna Boy’s Monster’s You Made. What happened to protest songs in Kenya anyway?

2. Why do we assume that having one of “our own” in a position will somehow cause a change in a situation or in a system. Take MCSK as an example – even when artists were added to the management, it didn’t do anything for how the system continues to screw artists over.

3. You know the way Lila Ike has been mentored by Protoje? Who is a mentee of an old school Kenyan musician? Like which old school Kenyan musician has a mentee?

4. Why do people think they are exempt from certain things happening to them? Like why think some things won’t happen to you just because you think you make better decisions?

5. Who pays for things on the Instagram accounts that require full payment for pre-orders??

6. How do you not see a life beyond the binaries laid as the way?

Today is my birthday. I don’t feel any type of way about it. I plan to sleep. And eat Ethiopian.


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