KB Lager Vs Tusker Premium Ale

I am not a beer connoisseur. I don’t often drink beer but I love trying new beer. I am not an expert and I am not claiming to be one. Don’t come for me.

These are two very different beers. The Tusker Premium Ale tastes like an IPA that didn’t quite get where it needs to be. The KB Lager is the premium Keroche Beer.

So and therefore I am not comparing like to like. This was purely a taste test. I have had both before but this is the first time I have both in the house at the same time.

I could be an ambassador for Keroche beer because they have yet to disappoint my taste buds. Excellent. Yum. I am big on after taste and I do not like the after taste of the Tusker Premium Ale.

And so the KB Lager won this taste test.

By the way, is Whitecap the premium beer for EABL? Because it is the most expensive so I’m curious.

To be clear this is the best tasting beer I’ve had this weekend

I know it’s blurry but I wasn’t planning on posting here. I took this to send to my friend.

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