Thoughts on “The Social Dilemma”

Have you watched this documentary on Netflix? I did over the weekend and I have some thoughts. Spoiler Alert obviously.

  • Of course Capitalism is motivating all these nefarious things that tech companies decide to do. Money talks etc.
  • The part where that one dude said that we are all lab rats but not in doing something like curing cancer. But we all know that because of capitalism, there is no interest in curing cancer…. Just in treating it because then people spend more money. CAPITALISM.
  • Turning off notifications was the best thing I ever did in addition to leaving Twitter and Facebook.

And now, some questions:

  • To what extent, as a percentage, is your social media curated? How do you decide what to share and whose content you want to see?
  • Do you use social media to affect/influence people? Like posting certain things to elicit responses from specific people etc?
  • What do you do when you feel you are addicted to social media?
  • In what ways does social media affect your sense of self and worth?
  • Which of your biases are being confirmed by your social media feed?
  • Are you aware of which of your behaviours have been affected by social media tech?
  • Do you feel manipulated?
  • How long can you stay without your phone?

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