Thinking Things and Things Thinking

I find it interesting that cis men will say violent things about women and call it “banter” meanwhile women are trying to survive this hell.

Kenyan “conservatives” are the most confused people IMO. Like, their conservative views are mostly to do with what other people do with their lives. Like, mind your own business Kamau.

There is no way “missionaries” will see what is happening in the USA and decide that Africans are the ones who need this religion thing or that Africans need to be preached to. They should just come out and say mission work is colonialism and stop carrying us foolish.

People who think they weren’t influenced or socialised to be heterosexual amuse me. You grew up surrounded by everything being heterosexual that you never even for a second thought about it and then you will be here proclaiming nonsense.

I am here for Elsa Majimbo.

Kenya Men (who call themselves comedians) wearing women’s clothes found shaking.


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