Random Things I’ve Remembered

Lately I have been remembering random things from decades past. I am writing them down as I go.

I watched all seasons of Sex and the City over a couple of days when I was in undergrad. I went and borrowed them from Blockbuster, bought snacks and didn’t sleep.

I told my dad I wanted to play golf in my teens and he told me that he doesn’t trust golf men. Read into that what you will.

While in grad school, We reconnected with the dude I had a crush on in primary school. He asked to borrow money.

When I was in primary school I was convinced I was adopted, which I wrote in my diary, which my mum read.

The first piece of music I ever bought was Tevin Campbell’s I’m Ready album on tape. I got it from some dude who was selling it outside the Caltex that used to be at Pangani (where the Jubilee House is currently located).


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