Random Opinions I Hold

  • Cauliflower is a much superior vegetable to broccoli (typed as I eat mashed cauliflower).
  • People have internalised Hollywood’s definitions of love and romance to their detriment.
  • Just because you can sing does not mean you can write a good song.
  • In the same vein having rhythm and having swag while dancing are two different things. Kenyans have rhythm but they lack swag.
  • Gold Crown has the only lactose free milk that is truly lactose free (I am looking at you Bio milk which I react to every time).
  • Part of why we think we must have an opinion on everything is narcissism. And part lack of self awareness. And part idiocy.
  • If someone only sees you for the utility you provide to them then it makes no sense to demand more. Either continue if it doesn’t bother you or leave. (This is a note to self mostly lol)
  • People think some things won’t happen to them because they think they are special snowflakes. Which life more often proves them wrong.
  • The Chinese build the worst roads in Kenya. Like, have you seen the Outering/Thika road interchange? Who drew that? Who allowed that to be a thing? And WHY?

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