CTA and The Telling of Stories

When it debuted, I got caught up in listening to the stories from music industry people, as was presented on the YouTube channel “Clearing the Airwaves.”

Telling stories is important. Telling our own stories, in our own words – also important. And beyond the stories that are told, there is a need to dig deeper into what is being said.

Now, the format of how stories are told on CTA is along the lines – the history, events and people who led to them being who they are and what they are currently doing among other things. The host prompts them and they reminisce about certain things since he is also an industry insider.

I have a gripe and sometimes when I watch an interview, I wonder whether I am the only one. Now, maybe another channel should take this up or CTA itself but let me just say the void that is being left once I am done listening to these people.

Firstly, I think there are so many questions that these people who are considered pioneers in the music industry can be asked. For example;

  • Those who released/produced music in the late 90s and 2000s, why isn’t their music available on digital?
  • Specific questions for those who have worked for KAMP PRISK and these institutions that are meant to pay artists
  • This is probably unfounded but some of the people who have been on this channel have had to work hard for their position and yet it seems that they feel those coming up must also suffer like they did. Maybe I’m reading too much into it but I definitely get those vibes.
  • Mentorship type questions – who have these pioneers given a platform to? helped? assisted?

The music industry in Kenya feels so fractured sometimes and I don’t know… these stories also come off somewhat incomplete.

I feel like better questions can be asked
Am I asking for too much?


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