NGOs, Donors and the Status Quo

Do NGOs help people? Yes. Sometimes. That is undeniable.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let me talk about what necessitated this post. I was reading this news item and it continued to provide proof of my thinking that “foreign donors” and in an umbrella NGOs are interested in maintaining the status quo.

And to think otherwise is delusional at this point.

I think there is a point on the need for reparations from colonisers and imperialists but what is happening, in my opinion, is not reparations.

One of the buzz words in this world (of which I was a part of for a few years) is sustainability. But we must agree that their approach mostly sustains the lifestyles of the foreign workers, creates complacency and maintains the status quo. And the allure of the industry for the “locals” is a legitimate thing because salaries.

Children of the foreigners who work for NGOs in this country go to different (better?) schools. Children of Kenyans who work for NGOs as well. The rich become richer and the poor continue to require assistance. Given by a sector that has no interest in holding the government accountable since their very existence rests on governments remaining corrupt and inept.

The Kenyan government has proven that it is inept. Governments have continuously been getting funding despite this ineptitude. Over and over again. And then, the same people will release a report stating levels of corruption etc. And don’t forget that they also dictate on policies that governments MUST adopt, whether or not these policies benefit the citizens.
The coloniser doesn’t care about us. Keep that in mind.

Anyway, there is a lot to be said and I think we need to have better imagining for this country. Because this shit ain’t it.

Also, check this out:

Again, as usual, this isn’t political punditry. It is me organising my thougths.


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