A Few More Hot Takes

Do I want to discuss these? No.

  • Part of the reason we see the same people in Kenyan movies/shows is cronyism and colourism.
  • Part of the reason our music doesn’t cross borders is because 1. The music industry needs a complete overhaul. (Generally, globally, the music industry has a myriad of issues but the Kenyan one is on another level of chaos). 2. We hype people who don’t deserve it so we can be seen as being aligned to them. 3. People aren’t open to criticism because it is seen as “not Kenyan.”
  • Life has no purpose.
  • Cishet people are the U. S. A of the world. It makes sense if you think about it (wanting to be right, forcing their beliefs on others, spoilt and loud for absolutely no reason, have been told for eons they are the best thing despite evidence to the fact etc etc etc).
  • People who have been moulded into who they are by following the rules of living mostly set out by capitalism and familial/societal expectations are the WORST people to talk to and live with.
  • Being attracted to someone/a gender is not the same as liking them. More people need to accept that in my opinion.
  • You can’t “act of service” your way into being liked. In short, don’t do things for people (who don’t care) to try make them like you. Looking at you cishet women.

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