Even More Hot Takes

  • Kids who didn’t consent to being part of their parent(s) content (blog/vlog) have all the right to refuse whenever they want.
  • Tusker Cider is so BAD. Like it legitimately is terrible. This isn’t even a hot take, this is a fact (also just because many people take it doesn’t make it any less bad. People don’t know better).
  • Gibsons coffee is better than Dormans and Java coffee. I wish they sold it in more outlets but currently only see it in Chandarana.
  • Quickmart is expensive.
  • Fear is not equal to respect and I wish many people in the 254 understood this.
  • Kenyans aren’t resilient. They are numb. They have become numb.
  • At this point in the industry, the fact that we still seem to need foreign musicians to sell shows isn’t a good look for Kenyans.

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