Support For This Blog

First of all, writing on here has been a very calming experience for me this year. If you haven’t noticed, I have definitely dropped more posts because it became like a place to just speak what I am thinking without actually talking to someone, you know?

Whenever I get this notification, I always get surprised.

I don’t know why I am surprised because it happens every year and I am usually ready for it, you know?

But I am actually going through that phase where I keep wondering if it is worth spending this money and whether I should just go back to free blogging but also I like having this space, I don’t know.

Also I pay and additional $25 for the domain ( which renews in January.

Anyway, if you want to support me, please PayPal me ( or M-PESA me. I can send details if you are serious about it. Thanks for reading and supporting and sharing.


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