My Top Kenyan Songs 2020

I know you all read the MY in that title.

Now, to make it to this list, it is more than I thought it was a nice/fun/dope jam. It is songs that I went back to and listened to more than ten times.

Because I find, it is easy to say something is the best song but you only listen to it two times and never again.

Waithaka ft Wendy Kay & Jivu – More

I cannot count how many ways I love this song. So good.

Ayrosh – Fire EP

Yes I know it’s technically four songs but please you must listen to all four at the same time so yeah. So good.

Adasa x Benzema – Najikakamua

Her voice? Her voice???

Kemboi – Unanibamba

I really cannot wait for this album.

Trio Mio ft Renata – Niko Busy

Kahu$h x Chris Kaiga – MaStingo

Ayrosh – Nuu (ft Muringi)

Just Imagine Africa – BANGI

This song makes me so happy.

Lisa Oduor-Noah – Jahera

Her voice??? Yum.

Karun – Catch A Vibe


I’ll probably do a “honourable” mention post sometime soon.

Also, If you have been here long enough, there are certain bands/people I don’t listen to for personal reasons so yeah.


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