Random Thoughts For The End of Year

  • While time is a construct and whatnot, the end of year still feels like a thing, you know?
  • Sometimes we think we are missing out because society makes it seem like we should want something that many other people want or are doing. But when we interrogate further, we realise we do not even remotely care.
  • I don’t need what I thought for years that I needed. What a reset this year.
  • Boundaries…. boundaries is where it is at. We really must set boundaries for peace of mind (and the same time respect other people’s boundaries).
  • Writing on this blog and in my newsletter was good for my spirit in very many ways.
  • I hope I get back to reading soon because WOW. The Struggle has been real.
  • Long form videos are what sustained me. And TikTok. And Candy Crush Saga. I wrote about more stuff that sustained me here.
  • HOT TAKE – I think people need to stop hyping rich kids or people who present as rich. Access to money does not make you inherently talented.
  • Sometimes it bothers me that I have yet to do a “music that made my 2020” post. Because we got absolutely awesome music this year. But energy is lacking.

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