Things That Have Happened Recently

(and my thoughts on them)


My friend’s mum said “Men should stop singing about women. They should find something else to sing about and leave women alone.” This was after we discussed the prevalence of lyrics along the lines of what Sauti Sol sang in “Susannah” And truly if men don’t sing lamenting about women leaving them for rich men, what will they sing about?


Why do real estate developers assume the stance “if we build it they will come” because sometimes I wonder why someone would think people would buy houses in random locations because of the unproven sentiment that it is an “investment.” And further, why people assume that real estate is always going to be a fruitful investment.

To Be Desired

The other day while on TikTok I watched this video that had clipped this video essay by Mother Contrapoints. In it, Natalie says that to be desired by men is not the same as being attracted to men. If you have been reading this blog/newsletter, I have been mulling over desire quite a bit and this was something else to add onto what I continue to think about. I do enjoy her channel so please watch it if you can. Also, one video from The Take brought something else into light, about how men have the charm to find their way into relationships but lack the charm to maintain the relationships (I can’t remember which video it was).


First, what is the opposite of normal? It is often abnormal. Many times when the word normal is used, what exactly are you trying to mean? I really dislike when people use the word normal in certain instances. For example normal hair to mean straight hair (and therefore making curly, afro, dreadlocks not seem normal). Or normal size to mean thin or average sized (and therefore fat not being normal). Or normal people to mean heterosexual (and therefore making the LGBTQ+ seem not normal). That shit is ridiculous and people need to stop saying it.


2 thoughts on “Things That Have Happened Recently

  1. Please listen to Tara Brach on Desire. – Relating wisely to Desire, Relating wisely to “wanting mind” and Desire and Spiritual Freedom. She has other lectures (more current too) that I haven’t listened to but I’d love to hear your thoughts too. It’s been something have been mulling over myself too, desire.


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