The Business of Corruption

I am on Thika road a lot. Currently KeNHA is recarpeting it.

In 2018 the same KeNHA painted a nonsensical and useless red line with the marking “Only BRT”

It meant nothing, did nothing but of course we know money was paid for this thing.

Now in 2020 with this recarpeting, the line has been replaced with the previous white markings

And you want to tell me to believe anything these “leaders” are saying surely. Come on now.

Let’s not even get into the money that was probably paid out for the scam that was Huduma Number.

Honestly at this point, detailing corruption isn’t even a big deal because it has become “normal” and expected. And in a way, because of this normalising of it is why we don’t get as angry as we deserve to be. We need to be angry.


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