I Am Not Your #Goals

There is nothing I reject like being anyone’s goals. I hate when people tell me I am their goals in any way, shape or form. I reject being put on a pedestal for many reasons, primary of which is being put on a pedestal dehumanizes people and doesn’t give people the space to make mistakes.

I am always saying that I don’t know what I am doing and even aspects of my life that seem “interesting” or “dope” are mostly as a result of privileges afforded to me.

I was listening to Alok Vaid-Menon talking about their 2021 resolutions and they said something I would like to share. This isn’t verbatim but the gist is there

The only way we know how to love people is by putting them on a pedestal. What we should be doing is putting them on our dinner table, sitting across from them saying “hey human” but what we know how to do is create altars of one another which dehumanizes

In short, we really must question why we don’t spend time being our best selves and rather spend it looking at others, declaring them goals and then judging their every decision, action etc.


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