Tired of Hot Takes?

I cannot take people who consider themselves R&B afficianados but only listen to Nu Nairobi R&B seriously.

Yes I know it’s a clique/association thing but truly you cannot be taken seriously.

The Instagram aesthetic homes have no appeal to me. I like when a house looks like it is lived in. Not one that looks set up for photos.

In the same vein, I think people believe they must inundate their homes with pinterest quotes and “live, love laugh” things meanwhile, if they thought about it, they would realise they do not even like how they look (note to self).

Most of the time we are adopting things because they are so in our faces.

Heterosexual men believe the best thing they can do for women is desire them and tell them they desire them. Like it’s such an accomplishment to be desired by them.

You know that tweet about men only being friends with women they find attractive? Think of it that way.


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