Things I’ve Noticed From Watching True Crime

Part 3

  • There is no way you watch True Crime and don’t surmise that the priority must be that governments need to invest in mental health and well-being of their citizens.
    • You watch shows where children of criminals become criminals and you realise that if there was investment in communities this wouldn’t recur.
    • Many criminals suffer from mental health issues.
    • Poverty is violence
  • Nancy Grace should apologise to Elizabeth Smart.
  • I can never get into any documentary on Meredith Kercher.
  • Racism is rampant in criminology. The most prolific serial killer in America is a black man named Samuel Little. But you wouldn’t know since there isn’t even one show that focuses on him and his crimes. He is black and his victims were black women so you know how that goes.
  • The shows try and make it seem like the criminals are super clever but AHA! the cops are more clever. Like.
  • Police really think their work is more important than say teachers.
  • Capitalism is in everything because how do you explain
    • Murders that happen for Life insurance claims
    • Areas where poverty is rampant are correlated with violent crimes.

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