Hot Takes – Specifically Kenyan Edition

On the Road

I was on Enterprise Road on Saturday and a Citi Hoppa cut me off so badly. And since there was traffic, I started thinking about how we drive in this country. We must agree that we are violently unkind people while on the road. All of us. Lorries bullying smaller cars, matatus and buses being reckless, drivers refusing to give each other way, police maniacally looking for who will give them a bribe, motorcyclists doing what they do etc. Part of it is that since we are mostly powerless in this country, being ridiculously aggressive on the road is one way we feel we can exert power over others. Another reason is that we are rude. Kenyans are rude and it shows.

On Real Estate

Send this to all real estate professionals.

A house is not a mansion just because it is a stand alone house.

Stop building stand alone houses that have no green spaces. What’s the point then? Might as well stay in an apartment.

Hire experienced interior designers because whew…. these houses out here are UGLY.


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