I Dislike Paying for Parking

On Saturday, on a whim really, I wanted chicken wings for dinner but I don’t usually go to the butchery. The only place that came to mind was the Kenchic butchery in Hurlingham.

I was in and out in 3 mins. I ended up paying 50 shillings for parking.


Someone please explain to me why this is a thing? That shopping center doesn’t even have any store in it worth this so why the ridiculous charge? I know often it is the landlord who decides these things, and in this case, it is APA. Come on now.

I can tell you for free, just like I avoid ABC Place because of their ridiculous parking charges – I will NEVER go back to that place.

/end rant

Edited to add

The sign at the barrier says that the first 30 mins is free


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