These Are My Confessions

I can be extremely petty when I think I have been wronged. EXTREMELY.

This one said he can’t take a home invasion movie seriously because of Home Alone. If a kid could wad off intruders, then everyone in a home invasion movie should be able to as well and honestly, I was awed by that thought because it makes so much sense and I had never contemplated it.

I don’t think that just because someone shares similar politics that you will get along or even like them. Sometimes, it is best to remain strangers who talk on these apps.

Daft Punk broke up and there is someone I knew who loves them and I was this close to sending a message. Why is that a thing that happens? That association thing?

I enjoy observing people and seeing all the performance that goes into daily existence. THE PERFORMANCE OF IT ALL.

I definitely judge people’s decisions with the “IN THIS ECONOMY” line of thinking. I do it in my head though.

I honestly believe I am justified in having no patience for people.

I believe that there is something to being so much into self development until everything becomes naval gaze-y. It is not all the times things are about you ma’am.


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