Random Things I’ve Thought About

People delight in other people’s misfortune because it makes them feel like their life isn’t so bad, an upper hand of sorts. And since capitalism tells us that we are in competition with each other, then that feeling of being “better” becomes easily justifiable.

Social media really makes people believe that everything that they have thought, they should say and that people want to hear (read?) these things. And people need to question why they post what they post more often. Just because there is an avenue to write your beliefs doesn’t mean you should.

Been going to the gyno recently and I think it is important for people who go there to be more vocal about when they feel uncomfortable. Talking with the gyno – it is a new one, I really laid it on them how it is important for me to be comfortable because I have been in situations where a gyno has made me uncomfortable and I actually named names which I do not think he was ready for me to do but I think it is important to do so.

I got a Spotify account and the best thing about it is how I am getting to hear songs I haven’t heard in a while. The thing about these apps is they play you the same song over and over again because the algorithm (correctly) assumes you like them so that’s what had happened with Deezer. I got comfortable.

Did you pretend to understand Monty Python humour when you were a kid? Only me? I mean, I definitely loved the humour when I watched it once older but def lied when a kid


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