People I Dislike on the Roads

People who reverse into a main road. This might seem like a small issue but it makes no sense to do this and I don’t know why Kenyans love doing it. Go forward and do a 20 point turn if you need to but stop this shit.

Have you ever been behind someone who has indicated and then takes a decade to actually turn? Like they even brake the car to a complete stop before turning. Infuriating.

The signs for KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING are all over these highways but Kenyans want to act like the law doesn’t make sense driving 40 KPH on the most left lane on Thika Road. Honestly.

Drivers in small cars who take wide turns. This is amusing more than anything else to be honest. Turning as if it is a lorry.

Motorcyclists who cannot make up their minds if they want to drive in the middle of the road or on the side (and end up scratching your car).

Matatus and buses. No explanation needed.

By the way driving unnecessarily slowly and with no confidence causes very many accidents. I need to work on getting data to support this assertion.

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