Government Spokesperson and Gaslighting

Did you watch the government spokesperson when he spoke about paying higher taxes? Did you watch Big Ted lie to us shamelessly because he is in bed with the current administration?

I mean we do live in a country where politicians gaslight us day and night and every moment in between but let me tell y’all, in a way, I am verklempt.

The audacity of that man talking about the comparison of taxes paid in Europe and here. The sheer audacity of it all is indicative of how the ruling class doesn’t care about the populace.

They really do take us for fools.

(this is the point where you must Google to see what Europeans get for the taxes. Including free education and health)

So while he loudly proclaims that we pay taxes comparable to countries in Europe and yet, NOTHING works in this country. And this isn’t even hyperbole. Nothing works.

People are dying because of preventable things, Kenya lacks autonomy because we HEAVILY rely on donors, politicians are stealing every single day, roads are deplorable, economy is in shambles, quality of health and education are not up to standard and even those of standard people are paying exorbitant prices for. In short, Kenya is a failed state.



He can go on TV and say that we shouldn’t complain because people in Europe, who have access to so much, pay the same taxes.

Honestly – it is the rudeness, the unkindness – for me.

Riddle me this Mr. spokesperson, what are our taxes being used for? Is it the Kshs 2 billion that is being stolen daily that the president proudly told us about with no shame? Is it to line the pockets of politicians and tenderpreneurs? Because it is OBVIOUS it isn’t being used to make lives better for Kenyans.


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