Finally, An Explanation

Over the weekend, I watched this Lindsey Ellis video

And finally I can explain my relationship to Twitter – if you follow on Insta I spoke about going back recently

(isn’t it dope when someone explains what you are feeling better than you ever will?)

Also, I know that video is hella long and I do not expect y’all to watch it unless you enjoy her – which I do.

And before I continue, please know that I understand that Twitter can do good, illuminating conversations can be had there, jokes and memes and provides specific things for people etc xyz.

This post is about why I, who has been there, done that, WOULD RATHER EAT SAND than do that ever.

1. The part she talks about the person people are angry at each day. Honestly, I think people believe an angry pile on on one person a day is like a personality trait or makes them interesting.

2. No space for nuance

3. Bad faith arguments are rife on twitter especially by those who use personal anecdotes to justify saying nonsensical things.

4. You know that anger you release in a “gotcha” moment? And then you get retweeted and then it is a serotonin boost. I’m not a fan.

5. That thing where people feel they are owed a personal apology for things they don’t even know about. What’s that about?

6. There is a lack of understanding about what “difference of opinion” means.

7. People acting like beacons of wokeness and their personal lives are filled with the absolute opposite. Honestly this is all social media and I get it but yeah I’m including it.

8. Performative outrage. Mob justice. I will not be explaining this.

9. The performance of it all is hilarious to me. Because it’s easy to say Insta is “fake” but come on y’all…. Twitter, same same. You can have a whole different personality on Twitter. As someone aptly said, “Some of you tweet as if you are beautiful”

10. There is a belief that because someone is an expert in one thing, then they are an expert in everything.

11. A lack of empathy.

By the way, this being said – I get most traction on this blog from Twitter and I appreciate y’all. ☺️☺️


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