Random Thoughts I Have Had

I’m always amused that, people who find men doing caricatures of women in bad clothes and terrible make up funny, have a lot to say about Elsa Majimbo

Did they update text books to indicate that the government completely killed the pyrethrum industry and that it is no longer a cash crop?

Has anyone else ever wondered whether some of the philosopher’s musings were made when they were drunk?

Some of what people consider to be “growth” is a one way trip to individualism and deepening how capitalism uses individualism to further it’s agenda.

Getting caught up in an anime is one of the best pleasures for me and the fact that I am struggling to do it at this time saddens me.

I sometimes wonder how my life would have shaped up if I pursued a mathematics degree as I once wanted to. Or if I knew of the existence of music ethnography.

Remember chain emails? I think WhatsApp forwards are the replacement. I wish people resisted the urge to forward those things. Self control people.


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