Random Memories I Have

Back in the day, Fox Drive In would have like a movie marathon on New Year’s Eve. We would watch movies, stop to usher in the New Year and then continue. Get home at like 2 am. What a time! (By the way, what is the issue with that land currently?)

The City Council would come and collect your trash from outside the house (we lived in Donholm at the time – this is late 80s, early 90s). The bins were gray with your house number painted on it. The fact that this small thing was privatised is just one of the ways this country has fallen.

There was a restaurant in town, I want to say Muindi Mbingu Street, where you would sit in the car, they would come out with menus and then you order and the food brought to your car. Who remembers this one specifically?

Ballgums were 50 cents

Uchumi was THE supermarket. And they used to pack your stuff in brown paper bags that looked like this but 3 times bigger

JKIA Resort Club (RIP) was our Sunday plan, or we would go to that chicken place opposite Jevanjee and then go for swimming at Railway Club (RIP).


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