Optimists or Idiocy?

Sometimes I listen to Kenyans talk about this country and I am perturbed.

Most of the population are like ostriches. Head in the sand vibes.

Because as this song says, do you see anything to smile about?

We are basically in a choke hold by the political elite and some of you believe that if you become wealthy enough you can protect yourself the issues of this country. Or that if you keep yourself busy enough, you can ignore what is happening in this country?

And then there are some who somehow believe that politicians are leaders.


At this point you must know that politicians want power. They do not want to lead or be leaders. (there is a big difference between being a leader and wanting power).

And it’s abundantly clear they are not interested in that. At all.

A gentle reminder that they don’t care. And never will.

Yeah yeah yeah we know so what is the solution?

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t think we can vote our way to freedom. Every single “revolutionary” person who has been voted in has been swayed by power and the money that comes with it. At this point, they stand for nothing but themselves.

I think we need more civil disobedience. Mass civil disobedience if you will. Strength in numbers kind of thing. Because there is a complacency that these people rely on to continue this path of destruction they are set on. We need to be more courageous because often times we are such cowards.

Let us agree that things are becoming worse and will continue to do so.

And so what’s the plan?

Continue to keep your head in the sand? And what of the future? Your kids will follow the same mantra? Because they will live in a failed state.

Because, as much as you’d like to lie to yourself, you will not be making enough money for you and your family to survive here no matter what you are currently deluding yourself about.

Are you seeing these inflation levels? How do you expect to keep up with the increase in prices?



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