The Kenyan Dream: Satisfaction Not Guaranteed

Honestly, capitalism makes dreaming seem so unimaginative.

Dreams, something that is beautiful, awespiring, vivid, so colourful – reduced to such inane things.

We all know about the American dream: A house with a white picket fence, a job and a family with two kids.

Imagine dreaming about labour as something to aspire to?

So boring.

And yet, we do it and because of the insidious nature of American Imperialism – this has also become the Kenyan dream.

A piece of property, a job and all the other things that we must own because capitalism has made us believe that we are successful in life if we accumulate these things.

And honestly, it is sad.

Like, the rest of our lives just accumulating things? That’s the plan?

We must reimagine something better surely.


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