Hard Truths I Believe In

Opinions don’t always have to be voiced.

Most of us do not know how, when and the why of communication and it causes a lot of the heart break we experience.

Supporting people doesn’t mean they cannot be criticised. Me included.

Not being impressed by rich people will set people free.

People will always sort themselves out. There is no need to be captain save a ho. You should be captain take a seat and mind your own business.

People do things in the name of love that aren’t really about love. They have romanticised their actions to mean love when really, it is something else . Yes I am saying that people give love a bad name.

Imagine at this point if you are still teaching people on issues such as sexism, racism with all this internet it is just what Toni Morrison said. Busy nonsense work. It is like how NGOs justify their time here by saying they are teaching us meanwhile it’s some basic shit.

Things are changing, slowly perhaps but they are.

Most of what is considered feminine/masculine is a performance.

No one is instinctively a carer. It is socialised. Still debating this annoys me to no end.

Anything can happen to anyone and to think that you are above things happening to you because you are self aware isn’t as self aware as you think.


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