There is a #girlboss messaging especially on social media that furthers the capitalist agenda (which is an actual agenda) that I REFUSE to be sucked into. Capitalist girl power.. miss me pls

I just basically REFUSE to consume and react to content that is misogynistic, promotes shame and is bad. For example, I refuse to listen to some Kenyan music just because it is Kenyan.

Having watched that clip of those two men on red table talk plus a couple of comments on father’s day, I must say: There is a way fathers are infantilised when it comes to taking care of their kids that I REFUSE to get behind. How are you kekeing about your partner’s inability to remember things about his own children? Yuck.

In the quest for growth and improvement I REFUSE to continually be in that mode – that grind preached by the self help genre. I am my best self at any one moment.


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