Things I’ve Said Recently

Have you ever said something and then thought to yourself how dope it is? Recently I’ve been trying to remember the dope things I’ve said

We must really stop consuming things with the sole purpose of critiquing them. That isn’t good for the soul and the assumption that people are doing things in bad faith and it is your job to call them out is something social media and especially twitter made mainstream.

I don’t know what kind of super strength people think love has. That they can love someone so much until they change.

Most men don’t know how to be in communion with others. That is why they want to dominate more than anything else. They only know when women are in servitude to them. And also why I think they are adept at manipulation.

I get that you want to be a priority to someone but you can’t force it. Just the same way there is someone out there who sees you as a priority but they aren’t a priority for you.

Celebrity culture must end soon because I do not understand how people think it makes sense to defend these people and also, how do you decide on politics or what is moral based on what a celebrity said/did?

I do not know why parents think their responsibility for their kids ends at 18. It never ends. Why did you bring them into the world? To learn responsibility? That seems like a very silly reason to have a child (legacy is also a silly reason). People really must accept they just want to feel god like… “i created life” nonsense. I am never impressed unless parents are actively working to make their kids lives better, which must include making the world better.


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