Survival for the Fittest?

I wonder sometimes whether we, collectively as Kenyans, are in denial.

We are often proud of being Kenyan but most times, the foundation of that pride is weak.

We survive, we cope by:

1.Being delusional about politics. These politicians do not care and no amount of talking about politics will change that or make things better for that matter.

2. Using religion as a distraction. I said what I said.

3. Alcohol. We are a country of binge drinkers and we shouldn’t lie otherwise.

4. Pretending and loudly proclaiming we are better than other African countries.

5. Being unkind to each other. For example on the roads.

6. Joking about random things. Most often at the expense of someone.

7. Paying attention to and giving people money to tell us how to live our lives.

8. Pretending to be too busy to demand leadership. Also failing to realise that the bigger issue is not tribal but rather classism and all the ills that come with it.


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