Thoughts on “This is Pop”

The Boyz II Men episode was fascinating to me because history will repeat itself over and over. Even right now if you look you will see a repeat of the same.

JC Chasez has always been the better singer in NSYNC. Justin Timberlake owes Britney Spears a lot. A hell of a lot.

The auto tune episode where the dude said that auto tune now allowed them to choose between a beautiful person as opposed to someone who can sing is another reason why I believe Jorja Smith is an industry plant.

Listen, most of the time I think people think Kanye West is a genius because he said it.

T-Pain said many things but what I’d like to remind many is when he said “if you don’t like it then I didn’t make it for you”

As I watched Ace of Base I actually found out they aren’t neo nazis. The founder in his teens was part of a group that had those beliefs and he acknowledged, recanted and has apologised over and over about it.

Sexism exists in every single industry and facet.

The country episode was so white you’d forget the genre was initially a black genre.

Let’s specifically talk about drug use and how men are forgiven for it and lauded for overcoming it and women are left to die in obscurity. What happened with Tanya Tucker has happened to many women and a damn shame.

Skin, in the Britpop episode, said “that was what the straights were doing” made me chuckle. Let’s normalise that!

The history of Glastonbury Festival(the biggest festival in the world) is fascinating. Because even the founder was not in the industry and has been able to sustain it for decades. When he talks about the ethos I had to look up the price of tickets and just so you know, it’s cheaper than Coachella.

We need more protest songs. All over the world.

There is power in music and anyone who denies this isn’t listening. And to be honest that’s why leadership all over the world try to suppress it by limiting resources towards it.

What Christianity has done all over the world is just absolutely appalling (this is in direct reference to them forcing Indigenous Americans to assimilate , not sing or dance etc).

Singers need to realise that sometimes, they can’t write good songs and should really consider paying song writers.


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