More Opinions No One Asked For

It really bothers me when people question others who have dated (and are not married) for a long time. When people are married for a long time it is seen as a good thing but somehow if people aren’t (officially) married but still together for a long time, it is seen as strange. That just seems weird to me.

The underlying notion being that the goal of all romantic relationships remains marriage. Not a healthy relationship, but this government sanctioned union. People need to unlearn that and imagine other ways relationships can exist.

I know it’s a human thing but maybe because I’m here I feel like Kenyans have delusions of grandeur, much like Americans who think their country is the greatest despite evidence to the contrary. Most times, even when people are saying things about Kenya, imagine it is ok to say “enyewe there is a point.”

As social media continues to be integral to our existence we must learn not to internalise everything we come across. Because imagine, it isn’t about you. Don’t try and make what you read, see, hear fit into who you are, what you think and feel (including mental health diagnoses), opinions etc just because you saw it without further thought.

The few readers of this blog, I’ve been sick hence the silence but like the ashes, we rise (FYR it isn’t covid, and that test isn’t pleasant yikes).


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