Musings for the New Year

There is a way, even when I know the Gregorian calendar is ridiculous and that time is a construct, that the new year has a way of infiltrating my soul. While it is just a continuation of days, there is a newness that one feels and part of it is the hoopla of it all.

As usual I will continue to curate my faves playlist on YouTube. You can find my profile here where I have a couple of public playlists.

And as always a reading challenge is par the course. Hoping for 90 books.

I find it weird when people post the videos of people opening gifts. Mostly because I feel like they missing out on the intimacy of watching someone open a gift bought with love. I get the performance of social media but I still find it weird.

I must say that I am so glad that I derailed from the weight loss industrial complex train. I can’t fathom getting caught up in all the madness at the start of the year.

The next train that I need to derail from is that one for continuous self improvement and seeing myself as a work in progress at all times.

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