I Continue To Share Musings

Black women and by extension women of colour producing videos essays on YouTube is MY JAM!!!

The Mitchells Vs The Machines is so good. Get into it.

Too much music, too little time.

I think sometimes how people react online (on social media) to how others live their lives is the same way our parents generation did it and continues to do. That thing where you think your opinion should matter so you opine about it. It is very cringe.

I think it is performative to get riled up when an R&B artist says sexist lyrics and one also actively listen to rap with the mentality of “Rap is inherently sexist”

The way in which Neil Patrick Harris played a straight man as he did on HIMYM is further proof that many things are a performance.

I wonder how many people in this country are bisexual and will never admit it to themselves (this thought is borne of TikTok videos on the subject).

A lot of the manifesting vibes things is quite literally self centered individualism and I am not with it at all.


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