Strong Opinions

I completely agree that it helps to unfollow celebrities on social media – and even influencers if I am being real. I would even add mental health pages to this list (even temporarily). There is a lot we internalise (that isn’t necessarily helpful) from how much time we spend online consuming other people’s lives and words and opinions and I think telling people to reduce how much time they spend online isn’t as easy as opposed to telling them to curate who they follow.

I was listening to Death, Sex & Money and hearing people say they have children to ease their loneliness is weird to me. Like think about yourself, do you believe/think you are easing, have eased your parent’s loneliness? I think sometimes people think being busy means they aren’t lonely.

I absolutely believe that if we stopped being wowed and glorifying displays of wealth, it would be better for us all. Stop giving and paying attention to these things and people who act like acquiring wealth is what we should aspire to.


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