Random Things That Irk Me

When people say they are at brunch but there is no lunch food. If it’s only breakfast food then it’s breakfast. Time doesn’t matter. You are eating breakfast food at almost lunch time.

When Kenyans extol virtues of rich people. I will not be elaborating.

Kenyans who talk about politics of the country at face value without digging deeper into the whys and how’s and even how colonization and capitalism affects us. It all seems like what we have masking as punditry is purely reactions as if to a reality show.

Stores that only have clothes up to a size 16 and call themselves plus size.

People who cross right under a bridge. My inner thoughts always make me want to speed up.

How Nviiri pronounces some words when he sings.


4 thoughts on “Random Things That Irk Me

  1. With the brunch thing.. Would it make a difference if they were eating the breakfast food AFTER the hours of breakfast? So, actually at lunch. Making it literally a brunch. Breakfast lunch….
    Im feeling it’s about the timing of breakfast being eaten.


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