Food, Restaurants and Taste Buds

It seems like every couple of months, Kenyans online (of a certain class) will opine about restaurants of a certain class. (Let us be real, no one is talking about what are considered locals).

I am of the school of thought that if I go to a restaurant and I do not enjoy the experience, it was not for me and I will not go back. There are many restaurants I do not go to because of these decisions I make because I refuse to spend money to be disappointed. I have gone to Nairobi Street Kitchen exactly ONCE.

I wish more people adopted this because when I read some comments it seems that people expect restaurants to change how they do things to their whims. Why is that? (Listen I am not advocating for racism or any illegal behaviour but sometimes how a restaurant cooks with no spice is their way and not for your taste buds). Can you imagine expecting Roadhouse to change how they have made meat to suit your taste buds?

Some of these restaurants that always show up on twitter have clientele who will continue to spend money and that is how the cookie crumbles. Otherwise, the restaurant would close – so in short, you are not the target market.

Also, since I am here, food being Kshs 2,500 does not “fine dining” make. Please.


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