Broken Hearts and the Fullness of Love

If you’ve seen Hunter Prosper’s videos you know he often asks people’s about their greatest loves. And most often than not it is usually people’s first love. The person they loved when they were younger – in high school, late teens and early twenties.

It is quite curious. Even if the people being interviewed didn’t end up coupled with the person they often have such good memories. Rose coloured glasses? Perhaps.

I therefore have questions:

Is it because at the younger age people aren’t yet jaded? Is it because people have yet to experience heart break? Is it because people still do not know who they are and what they want re: love? Is it because people still do not know what love means to them as individuals outside of romanticisation?

I think sometimes saying the first love is the big love requires nuance, context and mych thought. My opinion is that there is so much contentment to be found when you realise what love means to you specifically and finding people who embody it. People who want to love you and work at it consciously. And I’m not convinced this is possible in youth.


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