Memory and Jimmi Gathu

When TEFB sent out the email about their new show I went to their Twitter timeline and read a thread about Jimmi Gathu.

Jimmi Gathu is such an integral part of Kenyan culture. And I’m not only talking about what he has done on radio or shows he has acted on. I am also including how as a kid and watching him, he was part of our lives. I don’t think I can aptly explain how it was as a kid watching him and knowing he is good at what he is doing, and like we knew he was a big deal.

You hear Americans and especially African Americans talking about watching Yo! MTV Rap and 106 & Park and what that means for the culture. Comparatively for us, it was Kasskass, Rhythmix and all the other shows Jimmi Gathu hosted. I don’t think kids now understand how much of a big deal he was, we watched his wedding on TV and for a time before social media, this was momentous!!!

And let’s talk about this song and video

First of all, as a kid watching this, you could not tell me this was a Public Service Announcement. As far as I was concerned, it was a song; pure and simple. And also Knowing, like actually being aware that Jimmi Gathu was (and is) good looking. Whew.

I would watch a documentary on Jimmi Gathu. He needs and deserves all the flowers.


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